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Patient Participation Group (PPG)

  • Join Our Lead PPG Team

    We are inviting you to join our lead team and represent our local patient community across all age ranges representative of the different geographical areas we serve, as well as different age groups, sex, ethnicity, disabilities, beliefs, self-employed, retired, employed, unemployed, in full time education, parents and carers. All we require from you is some of your time. 

    If you would like to join the PPG lead team, please contact Genevieve McBride, Practice Manager, 01548 580214.

    You can also fill out the form to apply join here.

  • What is a PPG?

    A Patient Participation Group (PPG) is generally used to describe a patient group based in a GP practice. It is led by patients but run in partnership with the GP practice to:

    • Give views as a patient on how services can be improved and receive feedback on those views
    • Help patients to be more informed and responsible for their own health
    • Build a positive working relationship with the practice
    • Meet other patients and share experiences
    • Support the practice to help patients to stay well
    • Help to improve communication between practice and patients

    Each PPG is unique. It makes decisions on its own structure, priorities and work programme. As it acts as a bridge between patients and the GP practice, it is important that each PPG has a broad base of patient involvement and views. We will try to make our PPG as representative of our practice population as possible, and encourage all patients to get involved.